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Hello All,
My name is Tyrous  Christian Morris a Multi-Disciplinary Post Modern Fine Artist ( I shall explain ). I centralize my work around narrative creation and development.  Living to make, share and redefine consumerism in the traditional sense and dismantle the gap between independent artists and fine art.
Throughout my art studies, I have come to realize I can produce a utopia through my creations and other artists have the ability too with the art that they create. I have developed the mindset that every human is truly an artist and that there is an art in everything we as humans partake in.  Every job, every medium, every passion can be approached artistically. For example, a carpenter exhibits their artistic abilities in the way she or he can communicate through their hands and tools just as a Painter who must also communicate through their hands & tools. I believe art is defined by an individual's approach. The title behind each artist is but a way to contextually understand them, not to define them. If we all looked at our work as a piece of art then we will accept our place in the world as an artist. Utopic.
Now that I've shared my ideals with you I want to share my plan to get us there. To battle consumerism, I have developed a plan to infiltrate the system from the inside to change the mindset. Rejecting the standard epitome of production, I've used my platform to create utilitarian "sculptures" to be released through my brand "A Product Is Only As Useful As Its User". These "products/sculptures" are all key in developing a narrative that is both purposeful and clear by taking utilitarian tools and defining them in an arts space.
The first series of sculptures are Carpenter pencils that read "A Product Is Only As Useful As Its User". This first project was centered around creating interactive and synergetic experiences in art that my clients can now choose to  interact with or not. This sculpture came unsharpened so  a "user" would have to shave and put your energy into it to create the final product. An opportunity some fine art & artists miss out on, letting people touch the art. This is important because it takes art out of its exclusive nature and allows for people to be the environment again. Art does not need to be exclusive to be exciting.  There is nothing more valuable than emotional equity,
The next sculpture is a roll of clear packing tape that reads "A Product Is Only As Useful As Its User". Another experiment in interactive/synergetic art. Which allows the "user" to take the ideology in their own hands and become a herald of the message. In turn taking the art and making art with it. The true goal is to share a message. To create and package a marketable mindstate that will grow and evolve far beyond a physical brand.
This approach is completely purposeful. I feel that many look at the product release cycle and focus too much of their lives there. We have entered an age of hyper consumerism and hyper production. I combat this by providing small batch releases that focus on conscious responsibility messaging. Encouraging our consumer to create with what we sell them to use, reuse and plan. Instead of buying more.






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